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Great. Thank you @armano for the update. Please tell them that they have prayers coming there way as well, to you and your wife also. Thank you for being the catalyst for another example of our SM is so powerful and what great people we have here!


That's awesome! I updated my blog entry to reflect the progress. Kudos everyone.

Great job Belinda and David you guys are truely good people and we a happy to be your friends. Good luck Daniela.

I am glad to see she has her place now. Sad thing is my mother was Daniela about 30 years ago. People helped out then and got her into a place too. Its nice to see that the world is still loving.

I hope Daniela gets the other help that she needs to find a good job and help from the abuse she has been threw.

This is so great. It looks like this kind of work is becoming contagious

A day late and a dollar short, so the saying goes. I found my way here from...hmm, I don't really remember how I got here anymore. I'm amazed with the generosity of people seeing that over 300% of what was asked for was given. It warms my heart.

I'm certain that there will be additional things needed in future months, and I hope to be able to help!


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