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Hey, David.

What could I send to Daniella's kids that would light up their little faces?


Was just thinking along the same lines as Abbie. Would Daniela and the kids appreciate a postcard and/or some trinkets from New Zealand? Please let me know where I could send such

Thanks to all of you for your support. We could not have done this without each and everyone of you!!

Abbie, Candy of course goes a long way but I think mini photo books would be a great idea! The kids could start putting some photos of their new apartment and friends in there. The kids have not asked about their dad or old house but I think they are confused. So having pics. of special people might remind them that they are very much loved. They could even put pics of their relatives from Romania in there. Just a thought.

Kalena, I remember having a pen pal when I was in school. We would send pictures, and sometimes stickers and it was so much fun. There is something special about getting a letter in the mail.

I will get you both her address and send it to you via email. I do not want to post her new address here.

Thanks again to all!!

welcome home at long last daniela and here's to a safe feeling of real security, peace, and the sancitity of your own home. would you please consider creating a list of your needs, submit a blogpost of them and then have people say what they're committing to sending?
(@armano suggestion: twtapps.com...you could use twtwlist to generate a gift list right online -tweet it and facebook it and share it right here).
you want a drop off that's generic (not her home)
you want a finite list
and you wanna partner with local something (but maybe you're gonna start a foundation called 'daniela's safe haven's" ?
just sayin i don't think any one of us have seen the tsunami of the human spirit that will want to help...people--esp in this nation --are all about hope/change/helping...we are drawn to causes.
just consider the few things above...I'm learning as I go.
And I'm sure I'm not the first to suggest any of the above.

What does the home need (furniture wise)
What do the children need (clothing/supplies wise?)

Turn to the community network that's supported thusly. What resources do they already have.

I've rebuilt from 2 hurricanes. The floodtides of outpourings touch your heart but the tendency of excessive waste from too much of the same doesn't do anyone any good.

I've also moved about 20 times always on my own. People want to help ....Just give a map on how to.

Happy to help however's practical from this end.

Tre, sounds like you have some first hand experience at what it means to literally rebuild. We too are so touched by the outpouring of love and sincerity, words cannot describe what we all are feeling.

As to your suggestion of putting some ideas of items that are still needed I will do that so if people like yourself still want to help out, they can. I just don't want people to think we are still asking for more because our bucket of donations has been filled and then refilled. Our goal was to raise $5,000 and you know how that ended up.

We also have received donations other than monetary. One person sent us four boxes of gently used clothing/shoes. We couldn't believe all the stuff that she packed!! We have a furniture company, Mortise and Tenon in Los Angeles that has committed to donating furniture to Daniela. The family received Nintendo DS's for the kids and we gave those to them on Brandon's birthday.

So, to ask for more would not feel right, but I do sense that there are people that want to do something because they feel connected to Daniela and her family.

So here are a few things Daniela could use if you or anyone else wants to help: small microwave, set of dishes, glasses, frying pan, kitchen towels, bathroom rug, Spring clothes for kids. (Girl sz-10, girl sz-4/5, boy sz-7/8), shoe rack, and a used computer.

David and I are getting her closet organizers and hopefully will be able to put those in by Friday. We also plan to start a meal drop off with our friends so she won't have to worry about making meals for the first week or so.

Please note again that those suggested items are only listed for those who want to donate that haven't. We even contemplated not posting those items because we already have gotten so much support.

Thank you again to everyone who has chipped in or donated in any way. Even to those of you who have written letters of hope and encouragement it has meant so much.

hey belinda...
sorry to only be reading this now. been all day watching/bloggin re; the inauguration and such.
i'm in boston...and so the practicality of me sending the items you list isn't due to shipping costs.
but i think there's an untapped opportunity to start a non profit for rebuilding lives.
i know that sounds huge. i don't mean it to. i am just meaning that the momentum that was started in giving could be continued...welcomed in a new way...a social media way or a practical non profit way.
very awesome to hear about the furniture donations, the games for the kids, etc. and i'm missing part of the story. i'm not sure how you all came into one another's lives...
maybe you can email me at tre at thought by thought dot com if you'd welcome another interview...for the sole purpose of learning further what prompted you...and furthered you....and I can offer that story on my blog and just keep thinking out loud with you.
i'm surely not trying to impose more work per se....but i would hope what you've all done will invite further to do so.

i would appreciate talking more w/ you very much if that's at all possible. just email me or dm me @tresha

i've wondered a lot about daniela's next steps...blogher is in chicago this summer...maybe she can come with me...i have a lot of ideas of how blogs can be foundation stones for rebuilding and yet i know it may seem like another thing is being put on her plate.
for me writing is a vehicle for healing....and connecting with community...and if i was able to figure out how i would offer a how to blog course at a local shelter for women where i've volunteered before.
i don't think we've even begun to see the infinite good possible by uniting hearts. surely ya'll's campaign was a start...and there may well be momentum.
so as not to go on and on..please lemme know if you wanna talk further..happy to by phone..just tweet me or email me. :)
hugs of inspiration, respect and support, tre :)

It's been wonderful reading about Daneila and her family...and your family. I wish her and her children the very best of luck - and I hope your story will inspire others to reach out to friends and neighbors in need. The economic times we are in mean others will lose homes and shelters, and I hope that there are other good people out there who will lend helping hands and provide practical assistance to others.

I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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