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just checkin' in..touching base..sayin hey. hoping all is adjusting well. haven't left a comment in a week or more. surely think of daniela and the kiddos daily. 2/5 came/went. big moment i'm sure...i still don't think this story's had enuf promo...but then i'm impatient and want everyone taking in our neighbors and helping them as you all did...
did furny arrive? are ya'll in touch not as much while daniela adjusts?
this is prolly not news to you..but you can add a plugin that makes your blog into any language. so lets say daniela wants to type in romanian...she could..and then readers of the blog could hit the translate button. just sayin...incase she wanted to blog. i'm sure all wrestle with how much of private life to keep sharing. i don't think i'm alone when i offer we're all still here, still listening...;) help expands to building depth...exchanging the day to day moments. thanks for the glimpse. :) stay warm...

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