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Oh Daniela you must be so proud of your new home - and so overwhelmed with appreciation for people with big hearts and open minds. You have been such an inspiration, I can only hope other women in your shoes - even without the power of Twitter and @Armano's following - can muster up the strength and courage it takes to start fresh.

Something nudged me to come back to this blog and read up on any updates...
So grateful for the most recent post and photos...and evidence of support..this really has been a national effort to house one family.
I am sitting here in awe. And thoughts are churning for how to make this happen for others. Thanks to everyone who's continued to share and warmest wishes of support and strength and courage and love for you Daniela and your family as you move forward....stories like this prove to me the resilency of the human spirit and the family love we're all able to share with one another.Much much joy...

The house looks lovely! It is so touching to know there are people out there who are willing to help! These children seem lovely,smiling and all in your lovely photos- jsut heart warming! You are an angel!

The apartment looks really nice.. I really wish you all the best in your new place. God Bless you guys.

wow i love the place its so nice...
i like the first photo....they are all very happy!!
so lovely...

I am happy that there are people with big big heart. :)Looks like the family is very happy now.

I was thinking about writing a post on this exact subject.Thank you.

that house was really suits with your family. It was good for you guys to have that.


Nice furniture links and love the new dining set. :)

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