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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


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» The New Creative Mind from Jaffe Juice
Props to David Armano (a Creative Director at Digitas) and his blog, Logic Emotion for this rendition of the new creative mind (literally) - there's a nice PDF as well for your cube walls - as well as for [Read More]

» The Creative Mind: Changes in the 21st Century from ThirdAge Blog
Lets take a look at creativity in the new millennium ... [Read More]

» Anatomie du nouvel esprit créatif from sargas | blog de david abbet
Schématisation du nouvel esprit créatif par David Armano, pour qui la créativité sarticule sur 4 axes : analytique, expressif, curieux et sensuel. Via son blog Logic+Emotion. ... [Read More]

» Is it time for a brain transplant? from Donor Power Blog
Do you have what it takes to communicate with the New Donor? The Logic Emotion Blog takes an interesting look at the kind of mind it will take: With consumer behavior evolving toward a more empowered status -- the definition of [Read More]

» New Creative Mindset from MediaTalks
With consumer behavior evolving toward a more empowered status - the definition of creativity has shifted from one-dimensional skills to a four-dimensional type of creativity that blends logical thinking with creative problem solving.  Individuals poss... [Read More]


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