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Monday, July 10, 2006


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» Coke Cant Think For Themselves from Cameron Olthuis
Coke, who orginally didnt want the free advertising from the Diet Coke/Mentos videos is now copying Mentos, who has been tickled pink from the beginning. Mentos, who quite obviously understands and loves viral marketing, annou... [Read More]

» Coke-Creation from Futurelab's Blog
by: David Armano So Coke wasnt a big fan of the whole Mentos thing. They couldnt control it. They didnt agree with the way that Diet Coke was being used. They wanted complete control over their brand and what it... [Read More]

» Creating power from exitcreative
Power is the most fundamental part of human relationships. Platonic, romantic, sexual, political, cultural, economic, social and familial (did I miss any) relationships are based in a simple exchange of power. One side has some, the other has less. Thi... [Read More]

» Getting viral with YouTube from Pronet Advertising
So far this week we've received news that two major companies have partnered with YouTube to create viral video campaigns. The first was Coke who has partnered with YouTube in a promotion called "Holiday Wishcast" that lets users send holiday video gre... [Read More]

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