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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


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» No advertising budget? Start a blog. from ChaosScenario
I guess it's true what they say -- necessity is the mother of all invention. For the past few weeks, I've been looking around for innovative advertising and communications solutions, and while watching a vlog over at RealVerse (which I [Read More]

» Idea company? from Jeremy Tai Abbett Creative Director
Great post by Hugh. Instead of butchering it I will quote it all below. As Im fond of saying, when people in the advertising business ask me where my disaffection with that industry comes from, I tell them to do the math: The Cluetrain wasn̵... [Read More]

» agency-deathwatch Update from ExperienceCurve
My agency-deathwatch post is an evolving post that continues to grow (basically anything I bookmark in delicious and tag agency-deatwatch is added to the post). I wanted to highlight two entries that are worth reading: First from David A... [Read More]

» Advertising: Innovate or Die. Vol. 1 from Futurelab's Blog
by: David Armano I thought I had found my dream candidate. Someone who understood the language of both design and business. Someone who could think in pictures and express concepts with prototypes. A creative problem solver. An ... [Read More]

» Converse Product Red from Converse Product Red
The Converse mudcloth With American Express you can carr [Read More]

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