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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


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» A Past You Cant Draw On from Casual Fridays
Michael Wagner has written a powerful piece for Logic+Emotion called Draw a Picture. ‘Look at her. That’s so sad. Our little girl was born without creativity!’ Read the rest. ... [Read More]

» We Who Are Not As Others from Mark wants a Porsche
Via Casual Fridays, a piece by Mike Wagner about daring to be creative at work and ignoring what you imagine other people might think about you: Draw a Picture. I hand out a standard sheet of paper, on which is a large square, and the simple instructio... [Read More]

» The Role Of Creativity In Business from Small Business Marketing And Branding
I read somewhere that the best test for creativity in business was simply to ask are you creative? So I tried it. And for the majority of people it seemingly proved true. The people that we all see as creative (designers, PowerPoint gurus... [Read More]

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