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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


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» The Speed and Beauty of Blogcasting from Servant of Chaos
When I sit down to write, most times the ideas just flow -- I get into a groove, and the ideas begin to transform themselves quickly into words. This is partly because I write about the things that I am [Read More]

» Apple Human Interface Guidelines from exitcreative
What an amazing find. Im writing an application review for a potential client, and I was looking out for some background material on the right way to design a software app. Im trying to couch every one of my comments in the ... [Read More]

» Creating Experiences from IF (Preview)
Logic and Emotion has another really great post on his blog. This time it's all about creating experiences within an agency. "The approach is founded off of five core steps: Uncover Customer, Brand & Business Insights Define The experience strategy... [Read More]

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