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Thursday, August 24, 2006


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» Agency.com Pulls Out! from Hee-Haw Marketing
...leaves blogosphere mostly unsatisfied. David Armano alerts us to Agency.com pulling out of the Subway pitch before they even really got started. A representative of the Omnicom Group agency here said it withdrew from consideration when it reached th... [Read More]

» Agency.com Pulls Out of Subway Pitch from Micro Persuasion
Remember the lame viral video experiment that Agency.com tried a few weeks back? Well, it appears it may have indeed backfired in the final analysis. David Armano at Digitas notes on his blog that Agency.com removed themselves from the Subway [Read More]

» Agency.com Pulls Out of Subway Pitch from Experience Planner
In case you hadnt already heard, Agency.com has pulled out of the Subway restaurants pitch after lit the marketing/advertising on fire when it posted this 10 minute RFI video profile. Citing possible client conflicts and a longer than anticipat... [Read More]

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