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Friday, August 25, 2006


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» Levels of Influence from Futurelab's Blog
by: David Armano Im working on a blog presentation Ill be giving to our NY and Boston office in late Sept. (more on that later), and I wanted to visualize the idea of the blogger A List, B, C lists... [Read More]

» The Links Course of Thought Leadership from Jaffe Juice
Been a little busy (understatement of the year) lately, but didn't want the following gems to slip through the cracks: Logic Emotion's Levels of Influence post Militants ambushing brands in Second Life from IF! 7 Deadly Sins of Advertising [Read More]

» do brands have the power to reverse the ripple? from shake well before use.
So, what does this mean for a brand who wants to attempt to influence the blogosphere? Is bigger always better? By David's visual, Engadget remains as the Level 1 technology blog. Should a brand always reach out to top influencers or does it have the p... [Read More]

» Miscellaneous News and Housekeeping from Blogging Me Blogging You
Congratulations to Lewis PR’s newest account executive, Alex Pullin. It seems as if she’s been waiting for a job for as long as I’ve been writing this – good on you. How long until a barrier for entry to the PR world will be not having your o... [Read More]

» Levels of Influence - Does it Matter? from media landscaping
David Armano, in his Logic Emotion Blog, writes a great post about a presentation he is creating to educate Digitas employees on the power of blogging. One concept he wants to explain is the fact that a Sphere of Influence in [Read More]

» Blogsourcing from Futurelab's Blog
by: David Armano Irecently Googled the word Blogsourcing to see what would come up. I found this: The practice of news gatherers outsourcing to blogs the quotes they would usually get from interviews with qualified sour... [Read More]

» Blog Influence from e-skojec.com
I'm pretty sure that according to this chart, I'm around a level 27.3. I may be estimating high.... [Read More]

» Blogging Viral network effects – case study from The Marketing Excellence blog by Eric Kintz
I have a fascination for viral networks and their parallel to epidemics. I recently [Read More]

» Short and sweet 7 from N'ayez pas peur !!
Au menu dans mes lectures et découvertes:Blogueurs: ils ont initié des projets ou des entreprises Internet au Québec ces dernières années et désormais ils bloguent: Yves Williams et Chrystian Guy de La To... [Read More]

» unsocial non-networks from purple motes
Most blog posts did not include any links. A recent study selected 44,362 blogs in a way biased toward finding linked posts. Among all 2.2 million posts in those blogs in August and September of 2005, 98% of the posts had no incoming or outgoing link... [Read More]

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