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Monday, October 23, 2006


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» Expert BlogPiling: Why Blogging Matters! from cgm
HP's Erik Kintz, author of the Marketing Excellence blog, recently had a really good idea. Why not invite a handful of passionate marketing bloggers to converge on a single blog entry (new word: blogpiling?) about the pros and cons of [Read More]

» Game Mechanics Social Software, Why Blogging Matters, Viral Video vs. Video Banners My Integrated Marketing Epiphany from That Girl From Marketing
My epiphany from a conversation with a brand marketing manager this weekend about how she and the other marketing managers at her company interact on campaigns: “Integrated Marketing is like Communism. It sounds great on paper, but doesn’t work i... [Read More]

» Why Blogging Matters: 6 Degrees of Perspective from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
by: David Armano The following group post is the Brainchild of Eric Kintz from HP. Eric recentlycoordinated this effort between myself and some very respectable names representing distinctly different areas related to marketing.... [Read More]

» Are Blogs Irrelevant? from New Persuasion
I was told yesterday by a colleague I highly respect (and like a lot) that the ...whole blogging world is irrelevant. I told him I disagree but that a lot of people felt the same way he did. I walked [Read More]

» http://hounddog.typepad.com/hound_dog/2008/09/i-sent-a-trackb.html from The Hound Dog Blog
I sent a 'trackback' to this entry. If you don't know what a 'trackback' is, then here you can find some more info: trackback. It is the essence of blogging and what makes it so attractive if you are in [Read More]

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