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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


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» 12 Consumer Values for Your Wall from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
by: David Armano Heres something to pin up on your cube or office wall Download 12_values.pdf . The next time you work on a major marketing or interactive initiativeask yourself this question: is what Im doing h... [Read More]

» 12 Consumer Values for Your Wall from chew shop
From Logic Emotion: Here’s something to pin up on your cube or office wall Download 12_values.pdf . The next time you work on a major marketing or interactive initiative—ask yourself this question: “is what I’m doing hitting at least [Read More]

» 12 Consumer Values for Your Wall from elearnspace
I don't equate learners in higher education with the term "customers". It's a nonesensical term. As I stated on my wiki for ONLINE EDUCA - business to consumer interactions are transactional (I'll give you 'x' dollars for your product service).... [Read More]

» 12 Consumer Value for Innovation from Innovation Zen
Understanding what the customer care about is a good starting point to innovate. The Logic+Emotion blog has a nice article outlining 12 consumer values to drive technology-related products and service innovations. ... [Read More]

» 12 Consumer Values: Themes to Do Business By from FreshSqueezedMarketing
Take a look at David Armano's extremely interesting posting titled "12 Consumer Values for Your Wall" -- a wonderfully visual summary of research firm Social Technologies work exploring how to view a technology's worth to the customers expected to... [Read More]

» What Values Does Your Website Deliver? from Marketing Interactions
You put up a website and think you've nailed it. Visitors will flock to you in hoards and they will be engaged enough by your compelling content to contact you to buy your products and services. Or not. I found a great graphic over at Logic Emotion b... [Read More]

» 12 Consumer Values for Your Wall from jodybrewster.net::blog
Logic+Emotion: 12 Consumer Values for Your Wall ... [Read More]

» Consumer Values for ETech: 12 Things to Consider... from ETech@Work
Following on from my post on viral video, I recently came across a great post by [Read More]

» Phases and Colours from Podcasting in Ireland
We brainstorm about viral marketing after listening to Stephen Reich, Beck, Matthew Ebel and Steffen Coonan. Then we visit the work of colourist Eamon Colmanwe liked this image from his current exhibition in the South Tipperary Arts Centre̵... [Read More]

» 12 Consumer Values from Patience on Patients
I'm in marketing mode today. I really like this message. I am a methodical thinker; I look for a template to apply to a given situation. How is this relevant to patient bedside solutions? Answer me this...what do you want [Read More]

» Juxtaposing Armano and Morville from ChaosScenario
Last week, David Armano attempted to identify twelve values important to consumers in technology-related product and service innovation. Considering the complexities of human emotions and desires, the effort to collect such a list was very ambitious, t... [Read More]

» 12 ways to give donors what they're looking for from Donor Power Blog
Social Technologies, a consulting firm, recently developed a list of 12 values consumers are looking for in the technology they buy. press release with the information here. The level of overlap with the nonprofit sector among these values is pretty [Read More]

» November's Top Blogging from livingbrands
Another good month. Or maybe it's just that I'm reading too many blogs :-). Here's some I haven't mentioned already... Non-verbal communication and the brain Propositions...or not How to overcome similarity How stories repeat across categories Does don... [Read More]

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