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Monday, November 20, 2006


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» Help stop the genocide in Darfur! from bizsolutionsplus Featuring Solutions to Grow Your Business
Everyday, the 2.5 million people chased from their homes in Darfur face the threat of starvation, disease, and rape, while the few lucky enough to remain in their homes risk displacement, torture, and murder. Therefore, I call on you to write your elec... [Read More]

» On a More Serious Thanksgiving Note from Aldo Coffee Company
While it's fun to poke at our bizarre culture and its Unturkeys, today is a day to remember that there are far too many people out there who don't have the opportunity to decide whether they want to be a [Read More]

» Happy Thanksgiving! from Greg Verdino's Marketing Blog
A couple of days ago my friend and colleague David Armano wrote a great post about the meaning of the phrase thank you. And since one of his key points is that the words often lack any real meaning, I had to think twice about writing this post. But, ha... [Read More]

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