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Monday, November 27, 2006


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» R.I.P., IA from ChaosScenario
David Armano brought another great topic into the discussion about the evolving role of Information Architects (IA). Joshua Porter of Bokardo.com thinks IA are on their way out. Says David:Now before you take either side of the debate regarding the [Read More]

» Information Architecture Is Not Dead But It Might Be Stuck from Experience Planner by Scott Weisbrod
Has the bell tolled for information architecture? Most certainly not. Is it experiencing some growing pains? I think so. Information Architecture is not dead, but I think it may be stuck and that may be the reason that some leading thinkers on info... [Read More]

» What was information architecture from informationsarkitektur.info
Attention is a sparse resource, in particular in the blogsphere, so I guess when Joshua Porter declared that information architecture is dying, he was partly angling for attention, provoking, and making a statement. And he sure got attention. I’m not [Read More]

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