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Sunday, December 17, 2006


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» Time's person of the year is YOU or me or any blogger from WebMetricsGuru
Over the last 24 hours Ive noticed it come up a couple of times - TIME Magazines person of the year is now .....YOU, or me, or any blogger / citizen marketer. This time, I picked up on it from... [Read More]

» It's Official - You Control the Information Age from b - s i d e
(* Source: David Feldt *) I'm not watching TV, I'm not reading traditional media, I'm posting something to a blog ... Time Magazine acknowledges how the World has changed and I read about it on several of my favorite... [Read More]

» get out and make something! from shared.root
In the age of Web 2.0, which is all about community and sharing, and social participation I am consistently disappointed that hardware producers are still making devices for web 1.0. The ubiquitous iPod is the poster child of this consumption vs. parti... [Read More]


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