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Monday, February 26, 2007


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» Beyond Data from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
By: David ArmanoIn the early 1700sa curious, intelligent and good natured soul by the name of Ben Franklin was faced with a problem. In his time spent working with agriculture, he had made a simple discovery. He discovered that ... [Read More]

» Do more from the fruits of imagination
As a nice follow-up to Clay Shirky's thoughts in that last post, the always excellent David Armano shares some good observations on the need to balance research and data with actually going out and doing stuff. [Read More]

» [Design -> Demonstrate] Make a kite and let Ben fly it. from Creative Synthesis
Paper prototyping gets a look over at A List Apart. Obviously we think paper prototyping is pretty important. Shawn Medero discusses paper prototyping screens for design and user testing. Particular emphasis should be placed on this last bit. ThereR... [Read More]

» links for 2007-03-01 from 9years
Logic+Emotion: From 1.0 to 2.0 In U... [Read More]

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