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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


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» The Breakup Between Consumers and Advertising from B.L. Ochman's weblog - Internet and corporate blogging strategy, and online marketing trends, with news and commentary
The Break UpUploaded by geertdesager Interestingly, the creator of the video is a marketing manager for Microsoft. He says it's a commercial for Microsoft's Digital Advertising Solutions. Very cool. Go figure. via David Armano... [Read More]

» Jilted from FilmPlug
Ooph. So true. Said so well. Thank you, David Armano. The Break UpUploaded by geertdesager... [Read More]

» Breaking Up With Advertising from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
by: David ArmanoIm not sure what else to say except get the heck out of your RSS feed and watch this video. Or for your convenience, you can go here, where there is a blog dedicated to The Break Up... [Read More]

» Advertising: is it really all so bad? from livingbrands
Thanks to David for pointing out this rather entertaining film on the issues facing advertising today But fun as it is, I would just make a couple of points... as someone working in what is still quaintly called an ad [Read More]

» A Glimmer of Hope in Microsofts Marketing? from SuccessCREEations by Chris Cree
I keep saying that business is about people and relationships with them. Build the relationships and the money will follow. And in greater quantities than if try to reduce people to numbers and statistics. In his Breaking Up With Advertising post, Davi... [Read More]

» See How Interruption Marketing Is Turning Away Your Customers from Dawud Miracle @ dmiracle.com
Continuing with what now appears to be my David Armano Appreciate Week, I found this great video on his site yesterday and I couldnt pass up sharing it with you. Take a look (if you cant see the video in your feed - get to my site and giv... [Read More]

» Want to See How Viral Marketing and Social Media Works? from SCOUT - Corporate Blogging
I just came across The Break Up viral video ad skit, by way of Doug Karr at The Marketing Technology Blog. I think this video, the story it tells, and how it is now being told, and distribued is a... [Read More]

» The Break Up - by Microsoft from Steve Jay's Digital Marketing Blog
Great ad on the changing consumer and the demise of the 30 second spot. Love his trigger action on 'voucher' 'redemption' The Break UpUploaded by geertdesagerVia Joseph Jaffe, via Logic Emotion [Read More]

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