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Saturday, May 05, 2007


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» Visuelle Kommunikation auf Logic + Emotion from blog.dataorange.de
David Armano hat in seinem Blog Logic+Emotion schöne Illustrationen rund ums Thema Kommunikation und Internet. Die Slideshow auf seinem Blog ist ein bischen klein, aber wenn man dem Link unten zu slideshare folgt, kann man sich seine Arbeit fu... [Read More]

» Geek 2.0 from Ramkumar Shankar
Think you arent a geek? Think again. These pictures were taken David Armanos presentation here. He explains how to go about creating successful digital experiences and touches upon a variety of services ranging from Twitter and Flickr, ... [Read More]

» Visual Library from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
by: David ArmanoDoing a little housekeeping and Ive updated my visuals in a single slideshow. Every 4 months or so, Ill update the slideshow and re-post here. Gotta love slideshare.... [Read More]

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