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Sunday, August 26, 2007


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» Lifestreams from catepol
(via) E se un tempo le nostre mamme e i nostri padri il loro lifestream lo raccontavano e lo raccoglievano telefondando ad un network di parenti e amiche/i ed eventualmente contatti di lavoro, oggi noi ci teniamo in contatto coi i nostri network in [Read More]

» Twitter, Microblogging, and so on from elearnspace
Twitter - a great tool for which my personality has limited use - is gaining a fair bit of serious thinking from people like Nancy White: Thinking about Twitter Part 1 and Part 2. Twitter is also being used in... [Read More]

» Thinking about Lifestreams from sergiosantos.info, blog and works
The propose of a Lifestream is to collect all that information in one place, presenting one’s online identity. [...] Since this topic has been addressed in other blogs too, I would like to share other valuable articles. [Read More]

» Lifestreams from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
by: David ArmanoAnalog NetworksWhen I was a boyI can remember how my Mother would spend a good part of her Sundays. She would take out her phonebooka tattered collection of names and numbers written in handwriting you could barely r... [Read More]

» next steps: Veoh TV from Future Visions
Firstly, if you have not yet checked out Veoh TV, I highly recommend you download this free beta. Veoh TV is an online Tivo and cable box in one. Veoh streams their own content AND re-streams content off other websites [Read More]

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