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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


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» Espiral do Marketing. from Carreira Solo
Entre minhas leituras diárias, logo pela manhã, o Logic+Emotion, que tem por conceito "creativity, insights, ideas", ocupa um lugar garantido, principalmente pelo saudável hábito de transformar tudo o que se fala em gráficos elucidativos. No artigo de ontem, por... [Read More]

» Rethinking The Marketing Funnel from birdahonk
I recently published a Forrester report titled Marketing's New Key Metric: Engagement (more detail here on the Forrester Marketing blog). One interesting aspect of this research was presenting the idea that the marketing funnel is more complex than we ... [Read More]

» The Marketing Spiral from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
by: David ArmanoCM Comrade Scott Weisbrod points us to a Forrester report that proclaims the death of the traditional marketing funnel. OK, I buy thatthe proliferation of interactive technologies had altered consumer behavior. The fu... [Read More]

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