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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


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» Logic+Emotion On Web 2.0 Personality Types + Roundup of PersonalityPosts from SmoothSpan Blog
Ive been writing about Web 2.0 Personality Types for a while now.  Logic+Emotion has a post up on a very similar concept involving web users as navigators, explorers, and engaged participants.  If you want to successfully target the broadest a... [Read More]

» simplicity vs. complexity from pixelblog
Theres a fine line between simplicity and complexity. That line is mindset. Let me explain. In my daily work I strive to make the complicated simple, yet as humans we always strive for more complexity. John Maeda, Associate Direct... [Read More]

» David Armano on three types of participants and the missing fourth from thinks
Quick overview from David Armano about the different types of behaviors consumers exhibit online. Well worth the read. The one point I would add is that Davids missing the search party variant to his explorers. Those ... [Read More]

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