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Thursday, September 27, 2007


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» Why Execs Are Stumbling in a New Media World from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
by: David ArmanoRob points us to this insightful article in the Globeandmail. I especially like this excerpt:Executives at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia took great pains earlier this year to make certain the companys redesigned websi... [Read More]

» Content is the next killer app from The Challenge
David Amarno wrote this post entitled “Why Execs Are Stumbling in a New Media World”. Please follow the link and read it (and then come back). For those of you that are a little bit lazy I’ll do the mandatory quote: Folks, we really need to start... [Read More]

» My Favourite Post in Recent Memory from iain tait | crackunit.com
The Logic+Emotion blog is consistently good. This post about execs not getting new media is so spot on it hits the middle of the spot in the middle of the spot at the centre of the bullseye. An extract: The industry has brainwashe... [Read More]

» What CustomersWant from Customers Rock!
 This summer, I spent some of my time as one of the judges for the 2007 Web Marketing Associations WebAwards.  While this was a fun experience, it also reminded me of the old phrase: more is not necessarily better.  I judged some beautifull... [Read More]

» Content being king in a Web 2.0 World from Marketing Conversation
In light of our latest post on Steve Blinns powerful calling out of the many lies his fellow PRs folks commit, we point out one in particular:  We Know Web 2.0.  So true.  Then, Over at Logic + Emotion, David Armano challenges u... [Read More]

» Would You Rather Be Martha Stewart or David Armano? from Liz Strauss at Successful Blog
Do You Know What David Does? Did you read David Armanos post on corporate stumbling this week? He cites an article in GlobeandMail about how Martha Stewart made a beautiful website that no one wanted to visit. He points to simlar mistakes... [Read More]

» A New Corporate Blog That Tracks Job Jumping. from NussbaumOnDesign
It's hard to write about innovation within your own corporation, so I don't usually, but this new corporate blog/content aggregator from Standard & Poor's Capital IQ is extremely interesting. Most corporate online efforts, including blogging, have a co... [Read More]

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