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Sunday, October 07, 2007


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» Armanos 4 Cs of Blogging Keep Us Humble, Focused from THINKing
David Armano, in his terrific Logic + Emotion blog, revisits his popular 4 Cs for blogging and offers sage advice for organizations and individuals alike who blog to help spread their vision. While all four Cs are powerful and valuable, n... [Read More]

» Armanos post on blogging from Darren Herman - Marketing, Advertising, Media and Technology Blog
Any marketing maven knows there are 4 Ps of marketing.product, price, place, and promotion.  Ive even argued that they exist in the virtual world as well. Dave Armano (VP, Experience Design @ Critical Mass and A-list blogger) laid... [Read More]

» The 4 C's of Blogging from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
by: David ArmanoI originally wrote the 4 Cs of blogging back in June of 2006. I expanded upon them in my Conversation By Design presentation and most recently referenced them in an interview with Crains. So I th... [Read More]

» The 4 Cs of Blogging from PixelThoughts
Im a bad bloggera very bad blogger. And I need to be punished That is to say Im pretty poor when it comes to following the advice that David Armano lays out in the post that Im about to talk up. I guess that not only... [Read More]

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