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Thursday, December 27, 2007


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» Social Systems from catepol
Con D. Armano vediamo che, anche se tendiamo ad esplicitare le relazioni sociali dei network di cui facciamo parte in termini di nodi che si vengono a costituire, in realt noi facciamo parte di una sorta di sistema solare sociale [Read More]

» This is me ... from Dooley Online
Christopher Carfi drew my attention to David Armano's Social Systems graphic. What I particularly like about it is that it describes where I spend most of my time online. What's missing here is the web analytics piece. While Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, S... [Read More]

» The Value of Dynamic Signals from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
by: David ArmanoIt's been called micro-blogging, micro-sharing and a variety of other phrases including the word ambient. But there's a significant attribute that's been less discussed and is critical to both business and social implications regarding ... [Read More]

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