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Friday, January 18, 2008


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» Ambien(t) Interruption from Jaffe Juice
Armano is on to something here with a post about what he calls Ambient Interruption....it's ironic that the new form interruption now comes from our peers. It's pervasive, subtle and ambient—it surrounds us at all times and manifests itself in [Read More]

» Ambient Interruption from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
by: David Armano We are living in an age of ambient interruption. Gone are the days when we flipped through channels while Ads interrupted our programming. Broadband, wireless and file sharing killed the radio star and all our media is... [Read More]

» Interruption ambiante from affordance.info
On connaissant déjà les concepts permettant de désigner la place de plus en plus grande qu'occupent les terminaux (connectés ou non) dans nos vies publques et privées : informatique ambiante, pervasive, nomade, ubiquitaire (ubiquitous computing), etc .... [Read More]

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