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Monday, January 28, 2008


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» The Dream of Influence and the Democracy of Action from Servant of Chaos
Over the last couple of days there has been a rash of conversation, discussion and analysis around the concept of influence -- driven by the publication of Duncan Watts and Peter Dodds article on Influentials, Networks, and Public Opinion Formation. [Read More]

» Influence Ripples Tipping Points from The Big Picture
I was doing some prep work for my panel appearance on next week's MoneyTech conference, when I came across David Armano (Critical Mass) and his neat illustration below. He created this after reading Clive Thompson's Un-Tipping Point. David's suppositio... [Read More]

» Malcom Gladwell Under Fire: Marketers Miffed from ChaosScenario
Witnessing the firestorm that erupted as a result of a Fast Company article, I've concluded that the quickest way to earn the ire of marketers is to trash Malcom Gladwell and his breakthrough hit book about influence, The Tipping Point. [Read More]

» Duncan Watts vs. The Tipping Point from [ paul isakson ]
Note: This post is a bit late coming. It has been sitting a draft since the second day of February waiting for a couple final thoughts. Sorry about that. I'm sure you've already read quite a bit on the article that spurred it, but rather than delete it... [Read More]

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