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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


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» Give 'Em Something They Can Actually Use from AdPulp
Members of the adverati are increasingly calling for branded utility. You might even say it's a mantra for a new year. But what is it? What does it look like? And how might we sell it in? Benjamin Palmer of... [Read More]

» Some Thoughts on Utility from [ paul isakson ]
[ image inspired by Joshua Porter ] Asi has a really good analysis of Facebook Apps over on No Man's Blog. Give it a good read - especially if you're considering creating any of these for your brand(s) and/or client(s). In his write-up, he links to my ... [Read More]

» Thinking Through The "3 U's"... from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
by: David ArmanoI'm updating some thinking on the 3 U's. The word and idea of Unity doesn't quite work even though there is some overlap in my thinking. So here's another take swapping the idea of ubiquity for ... [Read More]

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