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Sunday, October 12, 2008


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» Unconventional Marketing from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
by: David ArmanoAs an individual, this blog is one of the most effective manifestations of marketing I could have produced for myself. I have a respectable audience that comes back as opposed to visiting it once, never to return again.... [Read More]

» BIG Strategy vs. Little Strategy from Strategy Central
Love David Armano's post on the difference between conventional marketing and unconventional marketing. He's got a succinct synopsis (big = big ideas, big bang launch, big budgets; little = micro strategies, big insights, rapid iterations) and his norm... [Read More]

» Word of Mouth Geniuses of the Week from GasPedal's You Can Be a Word of Mouth Marketing Supergenius!
David Armano, Logic EmotionUnconventional MarketingOne of the hard parts of instituting a word of mouth campaign is getting the boss to go along with it. Here, David explains why it’s hard – but why it’s worth doing. (link) Gary [Read More]

» Unconventional Marketing from elearnspace
Observing how journalists, marketers, and others communicate their messages can offer insights for educators. Have a look at this article on Unconventional Marketing. Instead of a large linear marketing campaign, a series of smaller, iterative steps ar... [Read More]

» Media Literacy: Making Sense Of New Technologies And Media by George Siemens - Oct 18 08 from Robin Good's Latest News
Wondering what's happening between social software and academics? If you were to read some of the opinions expressed in the press, you wouldn't bet a dime on these new tools to become a future staple of learning evolution. General message:... [Read More]

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