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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Please Help Us Help Daniela's Family:

» Armano Raises $9K on Twitter from Digital Strategy
Last night online guru David Armani raised $9,000 for a Romanian family through Twitter. You can see the action here. Armano used his blog and a donation widget called ChipIn to raise the money so the family could find some... [Read More]

» friendship : un-re-defined from Jon Burg's Future Visions
At Age 10: Being someone's friend meant that they were someone you enjoyed being around.At Age 20: Friendship meant having a good time with someone.In Life: A friendship is as strong as the degree to which each member of this... [Read More]

» Blogger David Armano Uses His Network To Raise over $8,000 to help an out of luck family from Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media
David Armano - another Geek Who Gives! David has discovered the power of social media for social good and raised over $8,000 through his network to help Daniela a recently divorced wife and mother and victim of physical abuse. Her... [Read More]

» Use Social Media to Help Daniela from Servant of Chaos
If you are involved in social media, then you are likely to have heard of this story. If you are not involved, then it may help you understand the way that social media can work as a force for change.When... [Read More]

» Positive values... from ripples to waves from mindblob
What's the point about writing a blog, reading others, commenting, contributing to social networking? Is there a link between blogging and reality? Or is it just like blowing in the wind of virtual authority, ephemeral popularity? If some of you... [Read More]

» How Online Fundraising Got Faster from DarrenBarefoot.com
David Armano did a lovely thing yesterday, asking people to help out a family in need. It was, as they say, an overnight success, and hes raised nearly $15,000. There are lots of stories to tell about this worthy effortthe power of crowd-... [Read More]

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