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J.D. Matthews

No, THIS is a real interview, darn it. http://jdmatthews.blogspot.com/2006/06/american-heartbreaker-lindsey.html

David Armano

Any friend of blog addiction is a friend of mine... :)

Ann Handley

Well...if we DID have friends he'd probably be one, is what you mean. Right?

David Armano

Welcome—you are among friends. Well...really we don't have time for friends because of all the bloggging... but welcome anyway.


I am a blogger. I leave the comfort, warmth and relative safety of my home 2-3 hours prior to work every morning to blog.

I have about 92 sites that I review BEFORE I can start my own posts - even if I've already got a story ready to go! Depending on how deeply I follow the links, this takes anywhere from an hour to a day and a half. That seems like a lot...but oh! How the time flies!

And that doesn't count checking back on the places where I've commented to see if anyone wants to talk to me. Like I'll do for this very comment, 10-12 times later today.


J.D. Matthews

Yes. I do. It is something I have been trying to overcome, because I would certainly love to devote the entire 24 hours to blogging, but if I don't work, I can't pay for broadband. And nobody wants to blog on dial-up, now, do they?

David Armano

J.D.—you actually work?

J.D. Matthews

Okay, so now I've got to go check my Technorati rankings, because I now know that I have another incoming link. First thing I do when I go to work is blog. How addicted is that? Also, how productive?

David Armano

Mike, you've admitted it! Congratulations. If it makes you feel any better, I'm writing this from an internet cafe while eating my dinner. All because my family is out of town for a week. I think I feel some binge blogging and commenting coming on...

Mike Sansone

Hi, My name is Mike...and, well....I'm a blogger.

David Armano

Great post and so true. I often times wondered why I go from blog to blog... wait a minute, what's Jaffe saying about Squidoo now??

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