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I googled "Bloggers Anonymous" because I suspected I am already hooked. (My hubby has been complaining). I landed here. At first I thought this is the funniest thing, I laughed a lot. And then realization hit: yeah, this are funny but a lot of them, most of them (ok, maybe ll of them...maybe not) are true.

Thanks for setting up this blog.

wanna share those symptoms with fellow bloggers to see if they are addicts!

great post!


I most certainly think of life in terms of "bloggable" and "unbloggable."

I have been known to leave a funny conversation mid-swing to go blog a portion of it.

I get depressed when my daily hit counter is below 50, and I wish desperately that more people would comment.


Okay, if someone doesn't post something new on here, someone is going to get hurt.


... And then you poop?

So the real question is: Do you wipe with your mouse hand or your control+C/P hand?

I've said too much.


I only visit other peoples blogs after I've updated mine, I post comments hoping they will return the favour and read my amazing post.

I never ever visit if I'm not updated.

I once came homes in the middle of a party 'to get asprin', but actually to check if anyone had posted on my blog post with my pictures on it..
They had.. and it was all compliments! :)

I went back to the party and had a great time.


J.D—you took the bait. I had to lure you out somehow!! We missed you.

Er, I mean we missed "J.D." whoever that is.


Absolutely not in any way J.D. Matthews, I swear to you on Simon Cowell's life

I assure you that there are blog addicts who are also American Idol watchers. I mean, have you read my...errr...J.D.'s blog?????

So basically this whole week, I...I mean J.D....has been creating an internet-wide controversy regarding A.I. This has led to my, uh, his blog traffic quadrupling, and has only intensified my.... I mean, his addiction. Pray for him.


Awesome Ryan.

Hey Ramon—wasssupp dog? Apparently I'm told this is a popular phrase among the non addicted who have time to watch things like "American Idol".

Welcome Venezuela!!

Like love, blog addiction is universally understood.


Ramon said:

What up from Venezuela?:) We need a (Blogger's Anonymous) office here in Latin America. I will post about you all on my blog.

Here's the link to his post:


...if you can read Spanish that is:) If not, use an online translator.

I knew that majoring in Spanish would pay off in my blogging addiction, given that I use it for nothing else:P



Take it one post at a time. That's the only way it can be overcome. Don't lose hope. Damn I'm good! I'm gonna blog this...

ming 2.0

Hi my name is ming2.0 and i'm a bloggaholic


I fantasize about having a famous blog, writing several famous books on blogging and getting a bunch of "bloupies" to follow me around the country as I hop from conference to conference.


I gave you some link love (what every blogaholic wants, right?)


I totally agree with what Ramon just said. Now can somebody tell me what that is?

Ramón Salazar

Saludos, desde Venezuela. Necesitamos una oficina de ustedes aquí en America Latina. Yo postee algo sobre ustedes en mi blog.


OK, I hope this is really anonymous...

So I started a blog about my boyfriend mostly about all of the little habits he developed over time that bugged me. It was primarily for the amusement of myself and my girlfriends.

One night when I thought he was sleeping...I was updating the blog when all of a second, I felt breathing on the back of my neck.

He was standing behind me for about two minutes. Needless to say, the blog doesn't exist anymore...and my boyfriend checks on my computer use more than I would like him to.


Sometimes I delete people's comments on my blog if they are nasty or rude. But then I'll go to their blog and leave a nasty comment.


But Lalapanonomous (funny, I always thought there was another "a" in that) -

Does my compulsion to spill my guts EVER outweigh the desire to drive traffic to my blog...? That's kind of why we're here in the first place, isn't it?

BA, you are my salvation...as well as my curse.



The beauty of this choice is that you can have it BOTH ways. When you want to spill your guts, put the mask on. And when you want to feed your addiction (and get traffic to your blog) then don't!


This is the cruelest test I've ever seen.

How can we be asked to make this choice? On one hand I'm compelled to share the deepest, most grievously WRONG compulsions of my blogging addiction in the hopes that somehow, in the telling, healing can begin.

But if I do so anonymously - as I must, or risk the alienation of wife, kids, coworkers, boss, clergy, mommie - then it won't generate traffic to my blog.

What kind of people ARE you? I thought you were trying to help us.


I post comments on other people's blogs wherever and whenever I can. But I'm really not interested in what they're saying. I'm more concerned with sounding like I know what I'm talking about and getting some traffic to my own blog. Ugh. I hate myself.


I blog after sex.


lol, I've gotten up to get a number of "glasses of water". My wife has dubbed my laptop "my girlfriend":) She knows when I'm going to check on my girlfriend, even when I'm lying.

And no need for me to remain anonymous, I embrace my blogging addiction fully, pathology and all - ha!:)

I absolutely love this blog, thanks for bringing some humor into the art, er, addiction of blogging.


I occasionaly blog in the bathroom when nobody's home. And I think it's kinda cool when I'm doing it.

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