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Seth Godin does not allow comments which is rather annoying as I cannot boost my stats. I shall leave a comment on here instead ;)

Loving your blog! Keep up the good work :)

Adam C

Can someone please tell Hugh he writes his "a's" like a girl.


This is a profound cartoon, I really do feel empty when I can't comment, lol.


If we shan't pucker up to Seth's keister, who's bum shall we smooch?


all this kissing of ASS gives gaping void a whole new meaning...

Mack Collier

So is Hugh saying that his life is so devoid of meaning that he has to kiss Seth's ass to find fulfillment?

karl long

Interesting how few comments gapingvoid got on that one. Looked like another very condecending "fuck you" to people the "peon" commenters, the great unwashed.

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