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Miss Cellania

This is SO funny! The problem is, I can't share it because I dont know anyone who would understand what you're talking about at all.

Justin Hunt

"Macro-Delusion," was that a little sarcastic jab at old Steve?


I am in full and blatantly self-promoting agreement about this here post. Whatever it was.

J.D. Matthews

You know, this post wouldn't hurt so much if I hadn't JUST stepped in the door from a convention.

Fortunately, I was the only blogger there that I know of, and the people I was networking with were from piddly publications like TV Guide and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Oh...wait......

Well, ok, so now that I've sang on-air on national television with a former American Idol, can I be an A-lister???

David Armano

Oh shit. I've been found out.

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