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I linked to your list because I found it funny and a little embarrassing in the right kind of way. I see you have given up on this blog--does this mean that your BA meetings have worked?


I'm trying to overcome a serious blog addiction. I want blogging to become a thing I do to share pictures with my "real-life" friends that now live at a distance because of college, and to publish meaningful articles. Not something I do 3-4 times a day every time I'm irritated. But I've always been known to be a compulsive writer, I'm just trying to change where and how I do it.

Currently, I'm trying very, very hard to stop in favor of going back to paper-journals.

Sujan Patel

Hi my name is Sujan Patel and I'm a blog addict. Haha. I also wrote a "10 signs your addicted to blogging"


In my travels through cyberspace, I have noticed blog after blog discussing “Internet addiction” and “blog addiction.” Today, however, I read about a blog-related issue known as “blog depression.” Quite honestly, I thought that the feeling of “pressure” and “anxiety” I had been experiencing about keeping up with my three blogs was unique to me.

After thinking about things for a while, however, it has become apparent to me that many bloggers “out there” must be experiencing some of the same negative feelings about their blogs that eventually stopped me from keeping up with my posts.

What can a person do who experiences “blog depression”? Among other things, take a break and “go outside.” If you think that this is a rather simplistic suggestion, please continue reading.

I remember reading about a person who complained to his therapist about being depressed and “stuck in a rut” for many years. After listening to her patient ramble on for weeks about his drab and unexciting existence, it came time for the therapist to take a stand and advise her patient what to do. On the day of reckoning, the therapist calmly smiled at her patient and said: “you need to get some sleep and get out in the sun once in a while.” Upon hearing this, the patient understandably felt “cheated” with such a “simple solution.”

The point: sometimes we make things so complex that we become caught in a cycle of “paralysis by analysis.” In a different scenario, maybe the patient described above, after years of psychoanalysis, finally “understood” why he had been depressed and “stuck in a rut. And maybe based on this “insight” he started to live his life more honestly, more fully, and with more joy. On the other hand, this same patient might have viewed his world in an entirely different way with a good night’s sleep and by spending some quality time outside in the sun.

If you have to, take a break from your blog, “go outside,” and enjoy life.

I think we have to somehow learn how to balance our online lives with our lives outside of cyberspace. Sadly, many people engrossed with the Internet haven’t learned this and have, as a result, become so enamored with their online activities that their lives, especially their relationships, have become dysfunctional.



Even though your "Mock 10" signs of blog addiction are meant to be funny (kind of like Letterman’s 10 ten Lists), believe it or not, there really seems to be a dependency called “blog addiction.”

Let me explain. I have recently started to complie a list of the different “addictions” I have been reading about on some of the blogs. So far I have enountered the following dependencies: drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, oil (as in petroleum), gambling, food, exercise, love, video games, comment addiction (i.e., checking the comments on one’s blog), window shopping, thrill seeking, yarn addiction (not a misprint!), Internet addiction, Technorati addiction, addiction to online gaming, information addiction, addiction to technology, and now blog addiction.

I just wanted to let you guys know about this :-)



My name is Kelsey, and I am I blogaholic, but I'm okay with that.

I can realate wtih #1 the best. I always want to ask interesting people if they have a blog, and people I'd like to get to know better, but I try to wait more than five minutes before actually asking them. I wouldn't want them to think I was a blogging nerd, or something. ;)



Oh, this is HILARIOUS..but really not so since I have ALL THE SYMPTOMS. I love the blogging during work one especially - that is what I do!!! Anyway, cool that others share my addiction :) I know I'm ill so why not enjoy it?

Pamela Slim

Egads, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry while ticking through your list.

How in the world did I process my thoughts before blogging?

I justify #10 by categorizing my stat checking as exercise, as I have to run up the stairs to look at my computer. I know I am over the edge when I have to sneak a peak in the middle of cooking dinner, just to see if I got one more incoming link, which would edge my Technorati ranking one inch closer to the 5,000.

My friends are afraid to share any juicy stories for fear of winding up on the front page of my blog the next day.

It is quite humorous to think of your 12 step program for blog addicts being held at a blog. That is about as good an idea as holding AA meetings at a bar or NA meetings in a crackhouse.

At least we have each other, eh?

My name is Pam, and I am a blog addict.


Where does sleeping in the recliner with your laptop rank?

Matthew Stibbe (Bad Language)

My names Matthew. I'm a blogaholic.


I think I have a problem


Shit... i'm sooo addicted... and i'm french. Does it make it worse ?

Do you have a french antenna by any chance ?

Philipp Lenssen

Funny. Some points were true for me.

Religious Blogger

I do numbers 8, 7, and 1.
I don't think I have a problem.
Is that OK?


I got about 7 out of 10, quite a heavy addictor now. God!

Shaman Dandulla

God! is there a cure??

I do all of'ehm... and more, much more....

is there a cure, although I don't want to be cured...

ps. I have added this post on my blog.. hope you do not mind. Of course I have also added three links to your blog so I am not copying... that's another symptom I think...



Good list. I´ve publish my own spanish translation.


This is pretty good... Thanks. I've put a link up to this on my blog which covers new media...



Don't fight it. Trade your childhood friends for blog friends—they're more interesting anyway.

And if you get complaints about your performance on the job—tell them you have a "problem" and that you're getting help. Works every time.

Bill Hutchison

I'm in trouble. I have almost all of the 10 signs!!!

What do I do?

Ann Handley

Kathleen: Seriously? You exchanged vows via trackbacks? Now THAT is cool! Mack -- did you hear that?

Anyway -- you've got to let Yvonne DeVita (www.lipsticking.com) know....because if you read her BloggerStory (from our BFF Toby Bloomberg) I think she could use some how-to advice!



When is the next meeting? I obviously need the 12 step program bad!

Ann Michael

Well there's hope for me yet! I'm only guilty of 10, 9, and 8!! (I CAN stop at anytime).

Great post!

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