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Kathleen Fasanella

laugh all you will but some of these points hit a little too close to home. For example, I broke it off with my fiancee when he admitted he had a blog he hadn't told me about and as it turned out, he had been blogging a lot longer than I had been. We don't agree on *the means* of politics/economics and he had used our personal debates as topics for his blog and I felt that wasn't fair. I felt he'd cheated on me. I was so pissed, I used the f-word on my blog. Really.

I guess it ended well tho. We made up, got married (exchanged vows via trackbacks, honest -the first people in history to marry over the internet, much less via blogging). And best of all, my blog is much more successful than his is :). Now, we blog in tandem on projects sometimes and link to each other (I have listed under "sites I don't like but visit anyway").

Marriage consumated, we're planning for a little bundle of joy, a co-blog. It's planned to be a modern day version of Frank and Lillian Gilbreth (we are both keenly interested in industrial engineering).

Annie D.

Speaking of blog addicts filtering life experiences...

...don't forget about all the blog addicts out there who are actually in the middle of sex, thinking how blog-worthy the experience will be afterwards.

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