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Joe from NOMEWK.blogspot.com

Hey, noob here. Just looking up some images for my new blog about blog blogs, i entitled, The Blog about Blog Blogs.

It's the image of three interlocking blog circles resulting in a central overlap of capital BLOG. Anyway, can I use this image on my new Blog about Blog Blogs?

Also, I think I would like to highlight this blog, not as a blog about blog blogs, but just as a blog about blogs, which is similar, but not exactly the same.

11. You conjugate all of your expletives with BLOG: "Dude, BLUCK those BLUCKERS!"


This book reassembles the selection liked better images of Michel , realized
between 1984 and 1999 in Champaign.
Natural landscapes, villages and vineyard table-centre, lights and seized
writings, those clichés assemble two and two , for best to describe the
variety and the beauty of champagne horizons.

This book is assigned to all that who love to depart discovering of France,
of his regions and of his products.
Securities who is then to cross-roads of numerous rubrics :
journeys, gastronomy, enology, culture, tourism, regions, vines, vineyards and


In this situation, the runner posts(shows) an impertinent physical condition, while the others sink into the effort. At the conclusion of the journey(running) this runner shows an exceptional state of coolness, as if he had crossed(gone through) only some kilometres.


While I think this post is humourous in some ways I find the part about Nigerian advance fee fraud e-mailers slightly less funny. A few dishonest people (few considering there are at least 130 million of us) have given the rest of us a bad name. The vast majority of us work hard every day against odds that some would find hard to imagine to make an honest living and we are succeeding. Sorry if that was not taken in the humourous vein you intended. And yes, I am a Nigerian and very proud of it.
But then I'm sure you've heard comments like that before. Have a good day.


Even though your “Top 10 Signs that you might be a Blog Ragaholic” was meant to be funny (kind of like Letterman’s top 10 ten lists), believe it or not, there really seems to be a dependency called “blog addiction.” And due to “blog rage,” the term “Blog Ragaholic” has come into existence.

I have recently started to compile a list of the different “addictions” I have been reading about on some of the blogs. So far I have encountered the following dependencies: drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, oil (as in petroleum), gambling, food, exercise, love, video games, comment addiction (i.e., checking the comments on one’s blog), window shopping, thrill seeking, yarn addiction (not a misprint!), Internet addiction, Technorati addiction, addiction to online gaming, information addiction, addiction to technology, MySpace addiction, blog addiction, knitting addiction (no joke!), and now people who are Blog Ragaholics.

This inventory is obviously not an official list gathered from the medical or psychological literature. It is interesting to note, however, that people themselves are the ones labeling their behavior and the behavior of others as “addictive.”

I’m just adding my 2 cents to this interesting phenomenon :-)


Bunyamin Najmi

You check your Tecnorati rank every minutes...


Good god! I can name at least 50 bloggers that might be suffering right as we speak...

Patricia Skinner

Oh God, you have me worried about myself now. Do I need therapy you think?


I stumbled across your blog while I was in the process of doing some online research. Well, the only thing I can offer to this discussion is the sincere hope that there is a 12 step recovery group for these unfortunate souls!

Adam C

You start yet another bloody blog called bloggers anonymous.


I have never thought of a "comment drive by" but now that you mention it it does sound kind of fun! :P

Josh Kenzer

11. You verbally yell at other bloggers through your computer monitor


Somebody comment or somebody dies!

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