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September 25, 2008


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Richard Reeve

The logo/brand distinction is crucial and I love how simple it is for Chris to define his brand in one word. Those who have turned to Chis like myself for guidance as they work to establish a toehold can attest that his brand and the values that fuel it are not smoke and mirrors. His body of work and the seminars he leads have been the most helpful resource I've discovered. Really looking forward to his New Marketing Summit in Foxboro, MA next month, and connecting with more like minded folks...

Ann Handley

"Helpful" is a perfect word for Chris, although I'd add the modifier, "intelligently," as in "intelligently helpful."

If Chris had a tagline it would indeed be, "Chris Brogan: How Can I Help?" But it's not like he's simply some guy reaching for the canned goods off of the top shelf for you, although I'm sure he would do that, too. Rather, he's the guy helping you identify which products you need off of the shelf to begin with, and then nudging them toward you, and sometimes putting them in your cart, too. (Is this metaphor working...?)

; )

Great interview, DA. (And truly a gift: One of my favorite people interviewing another of my favorite people!)

David Armano

Richard, could not agree more.

Ann, glad you liked it because YOU are next! :-)

Ronna Porter

Your first question, David, 'Do you believe that people can actually act like brands?' struck me as people are the ultimate, and earliest, brands. Think about how complexly developed is our recognition of faces, tone of voice, and cues from other people's behaviour on our actions. Think about the earliest coins and other artifacts 'branded' with human imagery. People are the ultimate brands, but as Chris says some are just more attuned to how to develop and derive value and meaning from their brand - for you, others, or causes.

What Chris is doing particularly effectively, is helping people to interpret this skill in the social media age.

Liz Strauss

Really nice job of showcasing Chris, David. Thanks for bring out what makes him so special in such fine way.

Forrest Wright

I think that a lot of Chris' personal branding works because it resonates as authentic. And the great thing about being "helpful" is it's user-defined, i.e. customized by each audience with whom Chris interacts.

In considering my own personal brand, I've found it useful to look at 3 things: accomplishments (past), personal and work life (present) and goals (future). After looking at those, themes emerge. Then you boil those down to a few guiding words.

Being aware of my themes has been useful not just for developing my personal brand, but in decision-making.

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