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September 22, 2008


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Joanna Pena-Bickley

brands are our perceptions of them which are complex. so complex because they go beyond just need, they go to consumer desire. our desire for recognition and more over for fame in a celebrity laden culture.

In the US social networking is hardly a new idea. it is how our country was founded. right? a group of people who were a community who had the same beliefs and desires. In a democratic, classless society, celebrity is royalty.

Technology, sites like YouTube, FaceBook and blogs are helping amplify ones self-image but more importantly...allowing them to have no borders to their connections.

In a country where we laud connectivity, self expression and encourage it with the promise of our democracy.(i.e. even you can be president)..what you get us Brand U.

brands and technology has the ability to facilitate my fame.

However there is a exception to this theory. I think there is a generational divide. GenX, Y and millennials are all about this. anyone older than seems to view this in a completely different way.

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