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I love this story. I've read lots of follow-ups from all angles, but when it comes down to it, I just love this story. When I was growing up, my parents often invited people into our home to help them through times of crisis. With a large family (7 kids of their own), it wasn't always easy, but it was always the right thing to do. I've carried this spirit of compassion and generosity (in time and energy as much as with money) into my adult life. David, your kids will, too. And that's the ultimate reward.

David, Belinda, Daniela and the kiddos :)....At a time when probably everyone hungers for stability and security on many different levels, could it be that your investment in one another and in 'us'..the social media sphere...proves yet again the unyielding might, and groundedness of common humanity: compassion, forgiveness, trust and love? Can we all just pause and imagine if all relationships--on every level--were built the same?
It's rather cool that you've blogged this on the eve of Twestival....when we're about to see a glimpse of this same compassion outpoured on a massive scale--a global campaign for Charity:Water to provide clean water for the 1 billion who need it..in 185+ cities around the world...And while we oooh and ahh over the wonder that such has been coordinated in one month, quite deservedly, just think of what ya'll's example teaches of what we each are capable of...what we each can do...consistently...Imagine if one year from now, another 1,000+ blogs exist: "Neighbors of Juan, Carmen, Phillipe, Gina"...across not only this nation but the globe? And the year next another 10,000?
Thank you for beginning the story...here's to each one of us continuing it :)...With deep respect and gratitude....Tre :)

I suppose I want to direct this comment to all of you...Danielle, Belinda and David. It has been a bit of time since this whole journey began. Bless you David and Belinda Armano for following your higher instincts.

A GOOD thing was done here. A young Mother's sorrowful plight was taken to the masses with a simple and quiet... "Will you help?" No one was coerced or made to feel guilty about not giving. It was just the right thing to do at the time, given the circumstances.

My faith encourages me to be a giver. It urges me to look after my brothers and sisters of the spirit. I do not give out of some biblical or Church rule or law. The giving is more a yearning of the heart to help those who cannot help themselves. To give cheerfully without expecting anything in return.

However, there is a Quantum Law of Retribution that goes somewhat like this..."Whatever you give out into the universe whither positive or negative returns to you in time." Since giving to Daniela and her kids, as little as it was...I have been blessed 10 times the amount given to Daniela. God is good and so is most of mankind. :-)

Daniela, I hope you and your wonderful little family go on to live safe, comfortable and full lives. I pray that when the time is right and it is your time to show someone a better way of living, you have the strength and means to do so. You have such a big responsibility in caring for your kids. You did the brave thing, leaving the abusive relationship. The kids do not need to grow up in an enviroment that will scar their little souls. They are still young enough to remember only the good they have seen in life thus far.

Daniela, in your strength and bravery go on to do good things with your life. You are lucky to have people like David and Belinda Armano reaching out to guide and help you on your journey towards wholeness. Never-Ever Give Up! You and the kids have everything in the world to gain. Be Happy!

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